Name Generation


Ingrid is the founder and CEO of bicycle retailer BIKEA. The company sells bicycles for customers to assemble themselves.

BIKEA has $N$ different bicycles to offer. Ingrid wants to give each of them a human-readable name, to make it easy to remember. But doing this by hand is a very time consuming task.

You are given the number $N$, and your task is to generate $N$ different names. To make the names readable, they must satisfy the following:

  1. Each name has length between $3$ and $20$, and only consists of lowercase English letters.

  2. Three consecutive letters of a name cannot all be vowels or consonants. Here we consider a, e, i, o, u vowels, while the remaining $21$ letters are consonants.

For example, hello, xyz, and lkab are all valid names, whereas ingrid, bo and louise are invalid.


The input consists of one integer $N$ ($1 \leq N \leq 30000$), the number of names to generate.


Print $N$ lines, each of them containing a name. It can be proven that it is possible to generate $N$ different names.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1