Problem B
Mixed Fractions

You are part of a team developing software to help students learn basic mathematics. You are to write one part of that software, which is to display possibly improper fractions as mixed fractions. A proper fraction is one where the numerator is less than the denominator; a mixed fraction is a whole number followed by a proper fraction. For example the improper fraction 27/12 is equivalent to the mixed fraction 2 3/12. You should not reduce the fraction (i.e. don’t change 3/12 to 1/4).


Input has one test case per line. Each test case contains two integers in the range $[1, 2^{31}-1]$. The first number is the numerator and the second is the denominator. A line containing $0~ 0$ will follow the last test case.


For each test case, display the resulting mixed fraction as a whole number followed by a proper fraction, using whitespace to separate the output tokens.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1
27 12
2460000 98400
3 4000
0 0
2 3 / 12
25 0 / 98400
0 3 / 4000

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