CP4 - Chapter 1.4

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Problems from Competitive Programming 4, Chapter 1.4

Start & End Times

Flexible Start Time 2024-06-11 14:59 -
2024-06-18 14:59 CEST
End time 2024-06-18 14:59 CEST


Label Problem
A Hello World!
B Solving for Carrots
C R2
D The Last Problem
E Faktor
F Planina
G Roaming Romans
H Stuck In A Time Loop
I A Different Problem
J Quality-Adjusted Life-Year
K Tarifa
L Moscow Dream
M IsItHalloween.com
N Judging Moose
O One Chicken Per Person!
P Provinces and Gold
Q Quadrant Selection
R Time Travelling Temperatures
S Oddities
T Eligibility
U Help a PhD candidate out!
V Left Beehind
W Nasty Hacks
X Number Fun
Y Statistics
Z FizzBuzz
AA License to Launch
AB Odd Gnome
AC Baby Bites
AD Cold-puter Science
AE Early Winter
AF Job Expenses
AG Speed Limit
AH Star Arrangements
AI Thanos
AJ Stand on Zanzibar
AK Mia
AL Digits
AM Filip
AO Combination Lock
AP Treasure Hunt
AQ Lost Lineup
AR ACM Contest Scoring
AS Cetiri
AT Line Them Up
AU Basketball One-on-One
AV Hot Hike
AW Hissing Microphone
AX Batter Up
AY Hanging Out on the Terrace
AZ Poker Hand
BA Army Strength (Easy)
BB Army Strength (Hard)
BC Broken Swords
BD Drinking Song
BE Mosquito Multiplication
BF Ptice
BG Seven Wonders
BH Volim
BI Delicious Bubble Tea
BJ Boss Battle
BK Pea Soup and Pancakes
BL Popular Vote
BM Bounding Robots
BN Climbing Stairs
BO Death and Taxes
BP Driver's Dilemma
BQ Event Planning
BR Exactly Electrical
BS Missing Numbers
BT Prerequisites?
BU Sok
BV Basic Programming 1
BW Battle Simulation
BX Bits Equalizer
BY Fast Food Prizes
BZ Another Brick in the Wall
CA Beekeeper
CB Bottled-Up Feelings
CC Carousel Rides
CD Climbing Worm
CE Code Cleanups
CF Cow Crane
CG Howl
CH Shattered Cake


Partial Credit — Ranked (with tiebreaker)

Participants are ranked by the sum of the score of each problem. Ties are broken by the time of the last score-increasing submission


  • Standings are shown without limitation.