2021-11-02 22:05 CET

W&M CSCI 232 Fall 2021 Contest 5


2021-11-02 22:50 CET
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Name Team Members
PEC Emilio Luz-Ricca, Pablo Solano, Clare Heinbaugh
Otters Matthew Reid, Alex Huang
Funny Frogs Thomas Cook, Maxwell Fonss, Andrew A
PASS Solene Sossah, Peter Hairatidis, Andy Gloudemans
The Three Computeers Jason Dean Robinson, Aamir Mohammed
The 333 Three Jackson Kubin, Xingyu Wang
GCDMods Stephen Hoag, Andrew Chen, Anna Jordan
Data Way Christina Mauer, Victor Tran, James Yao
Jungle Jim Jason Lin, Evan Ward
DAT Squad Stephen Shaffran, Dat Nguyen
RunTime tErorr Ronan Donovan, Eli Gnesin, Tessie Baumann