Groundhog Eternal

Welcome to Groundhog Eternal

This is the contest system for Groundhog Eternal. The contest has not yet started. When it does, you will be able to select your own start time and compete for 69:00:00 hours.


Eternally Feasting

Start & End Times

Flexible Start Time 2100-03-13 23:00 -
2100-03-16 20:00 CET
End time 2100-03-16 20:00 CET


The contest has not yet started. The problems will become available when the contest starts.


Ranked Pass/Fail

Participants are ranked by the number of solved problems, breaking ties by penalty (sum of time + 20 minutes per wrong submission, for all solved problems). Time is rounded to minutes.


  • Standings are shown without limitation.


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