Problem D

Text by Michael Dziedzic, Unsplash
The office life is a blast, constant excitement and never a frown in sight. But this lasseiz-faire attitude leads to carelessness. A recent example of this is when you asked your receptionist to write a memo but, in a bout of enjoyment, he forgot the only (and therefore most important) rule in the office: No memo should include forbidden letters. The forbidden letters are decided each week by the management, and a word that contains a forbidden letter is a forbidden word. Worst of all, it is $3.59$pm on a Friday. Is there any way to quickly black out the forbidden words?


The first line of the input contains a non-empty string $S$. The string $S$ contains lower case letters of the English alphabet and none of which is repeated. The next line of the input contains the string $M$. The string $M$ contains only lower case letters and spaces and is not longer than $10^5$ characters. There are no adjacent spaces in $M$. The string $S$ corresponds to this weeks forbidden letters and the string $M$ corresponds to the memo.


The only line of the output should contain the memo, but every letter in every forbidden word should be replaced by ,,*”.







The string $S$ contains only one character.



No further constraints.

Sample Input 1 Sample Output 1
we need to improve synergy through team building exercises
** **** to ******* ******* through **** building ********* 
Sample Input 2 Sample Output 2
krummi svaf i klettagja kaldri vetrar nottu a verdur margt ad meini verdur margt ad meini
****** svaf i ********* ****** vetrar nottu a verdur ***** ad ***** verdur ***** ad ***** 

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