CP4 - Chapter 1.6

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Problems from Competitive Programming 5, Chapter 1.6

Start & End Times

Flexible Start Time 2024-06-18 06:00 -
2024-06-25 06:00 CEST
End time 2024-06-25 06:00 CEST


Label Problem
A Bela
B Shuffling Along
C Memory Match
D Karte
E Chess
F Emag Eht Htiw Em Pleh
G Help Me With The Game
H Bijele
I Connect the Dots
J Game Rank
K Guessing Game
L Trik
M Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament
N Battleship
O Tic Tac Toe
P Turtle Master
Q Rock, Scissors, Paper
S Preludes
T Jumbled Compass
U Train Passengers
V Calories From Fat
W FBI Universal Control Numbers
X Heart Rate
Y Imperial Measurement
Z Parking
AA Transit Woes
AB Luhn's Checksum Algorithm
AC Beat the Spread!
AD Toilet Seat
AE Word Cloud
AF Musical Scales
AG Scaling Recipes
AH Score!
AI Credit Card Payment
AJ Touchscreen Keyboard
AK Workout for a Dumbbell
AL Bungee Jumping
AM Eb Alto Saxophone Player
AN Tenis
AO Mars Window
AP Friday the 13th
AQ Just a Minute
AR Saving Daylight
AS Datum
AT Spavanac
AU Time Zones
AV Best Before
AW Birthday Boy
AX Natrij
AY Busy Schedule
AZ Daylight Saving Time
BA Semafori
BB Thank God it’s Friday
BC Rimski
BD Roman Holidays
BE Cryptographer's Conundrum
BF Encoded Message
BG T9 Spelling
BH DRM Messages
BI Drunk Vigenère
BJ Kemija
BK The Key to Cryptography
BL Reverse Rot
BM Run-Length Encoding, Run!
BN Secret Message
BO A New Alphabet
BP Pig Latin
BQ Tajna
BR False Sense of Security
BS Permutation Code
BT Autori
BU Pervasive Heart Monitor
BV Timebomb
BW Genealogical Research
BX Triple Texting
BY Digital display
BZ Musical Notation
CA Skener
CB Križaljka
CC Mirror Images
CD (More) Multiplication
CE Okvir
CF Okviri
CG ASCII Addition
CH GlitchBot
CI Pachyderm Peanut Packing
CJ Printing Costs
CK Average Speed
CL Gerrymandering
CM Froggie
CN Functional Fun
CO Interpreter
CP LumberCraft
CQ Sabor
CR Touchdown!


Partial Credit — Ranked (with tiebreaker)

Participants are ranked by the sum of the score of each problem. Ties are broken by the time of the last score-increasing submission


  • Standings are shown without limitation.